From the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam, I love  my life on tour.  The road’s my home!  Truthfully,  I love being on tour because I have a home in Indiana to go home to!   In June I was in Albuquerque and Colorado Springs.  July was Texas and Hot Springs with Oklahoma City in between.  When I’m out that long and that far away, I fly home for my week off every month.  It works well for my husband and I.  For giggles, we counted the one week a month we spend together and discovered that in 52 years, we’d finally go through our 7 year itch!

Coming off of one of those wonderful weeks at home, August 1st will begin my Midwest/Eastern tour.  As I write, I’m in South Bend, In on my way to Michigan to the 35th annual Women’s Music Festival.  3000+ women and fun, freedom and frolic!  8 days of camping, music, dancing, healing and vegetarian bounty.  I’ll present my Harmonies of Healing workshop 4 times throughout the week and will work as a vendor offering Singing Bowl treatments along with my Cds, DVDs and Tshirts.  I’ll be back in civilization on August 10th.  See you then!  Blessings for a wonder-filled week!

Comments on: "Where is Lauren in August??" (1)

  1. Marti Goforth said:

    Hi Lauren, nice to see you blogging! I wish I were there for the Womyn’s Musical Festival to see you. I know you will have an Amazing time! Blessings, Marti.

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