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Happy Wheatland!

Well, almost monthly entries on my blog!  Tomorrow we head for home again after our yearly trek to Michigan for the Wheatland Music Festival.  Some of you may know that Sing For Your Soul started there at the festival 16 years ago!! 1994 I offered my first workshop to very large group of kids and adults.  IT went so well that I decided that THIS was what I was meant to do for the rest of my life!  16 years later, I’m doing just that!!  What a life!

While I spend a week at home every month, there’s nothing like going on the road with my husband.  He so deserves get away from time to time as his primary job is taking care of the home, 7 cats and 2 dogs while I am out there changing lives!  www.wheatlandmusic.org

Coming up next is a Reiki Retreat in Knoxville Tn at which I will be introducing “Toning” to Reiki Practitioners and Masters.  When Reiki AND sound is combined…WOW!  Talk about HEALING!!  I’ll write more after that.  Thanks for following!  Blessings, Lauren


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