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cemetery in Old San Juan

WOW!  So much has happened since my last blog that I keep waiting for the dust to settle…so far I’m still in the dust storm!

1. The Womyn’s Spirituality Retreat in Central Florida was one of the BEST run, organized, love-filled event I have ever attended!  Being the Keynote Speaker was icing on the cake!  My whole world opened up wide at this retreat. (November)
2. Right before my cruise I participated in the Holistic Globe Radio Conference in Ft Lauderdale.  WOW Another awesome event!  I was interviewed twice and captured on video during my short presentation to a FULL HOUSE!!
3. The Hypnobirthing Conclave cruise was an AMAZING success!  Sing For Your Soul-Before Baby and Beyond is now a full fledged workshop!  Soaring ever-upward!
4. I am booked thru the end of March in Florida where I’m told it will be warm again someday…
Enjoy some pics from Old San Juan, my favorite port from our cruise.
I will blod again soon!  Many blessings, Lauren

Old San Juan


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