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Holy Shift! Here we Grow Again!

Last Wednesday evening I presented a Forgiveness Workshop- seeing thru my past into future possibilitiesWhile I’ve been giving these workshops for a year and while I always have a profound experience, Wednesday evening was special.  We met at the Center for Spiritual Growth, downtown South Bend.  http://www.centerforspiritualgrowth.net

The room was full-only 2 open seats.   WE, breathed, we sang, we did ho’oponopono and we purged.  A tool I’ve used myself was introduced to me by a voice student of mine, Sheiva who is taking care of her husband of 40 years.  At the best of times was physically and emotional abusive to her and her 2 kids all of their marriage then had a massive stroke.  Knowing he is a different man now and completely helpless, she had a hard time letting go the past abuse and all of the pain it brought with it.  She told me that while asking for help to release this past pain she heard “write it all down.”  What did she have to lose?

She wrote pages and pages of everything he had ever done to her and finally, when she had finished said “THERE!….but I don’t feel any better.”  Then she heard “Now tear it all up into a million pieces.”  She ripped and shredded and tore with a vengeance.  There!  Tiny pieces of “sh%&” all over the floor and said, “I still don’t feel any better!”  Then she heard “burn it all!”  Of course she followed directions and when there was nothing but ashes she said.  “I STILL don’t feel any better!”  Lastly she heard these words:  “If you can put the pieces back together again you can keep your pain.  If not it’s MINE now.”  And with that a wave of peace and upliftment filled her body, mind and soul and it was gone!

Now as I said, I have used this for my own personal work a couple of times but Wednesday evening was the first time I introduced it to a group.  I relayed the above story.  We wrote for 15 minutes then tore it all up.  I collected the pieces of pain in a singing bowl and promised that I would finish the process before I went to bed.  It is THIS burning of the paper that I want to share.

I understand the the quartz crystal singing bowls are heat impervious.  I put it to the test.  While I set the content a blaze I thought that even if the bowl does break it would significant of the major “BREAK THROUGH that we all experienced that night.  It did not break.  The flames were standing 6-8 inches above the top of the bowl.  The fire was intense.  As I watched it burn I noticed I was crying.  Out loud I said “ALL THE PAIN.  ALL THE TERROR.  ALL THE FEAR.  ALL THE ABUSE.  ALL THE ANGUISH. ALL THE……”  The list went on and on.  I started seeing glimpses of peoples past-a death, a cigarette burn on the skin of a child, a fist fight leading to a shooting, a screaming divorce…  More tears flowed.  Finally…

The fire was burned out.  Smoke rose above the trees and drifted into the sky and I said again, but with a different feeling, different voice, almost in a sigh of relief!  “all the pain… all the terror… all the fear…  all the abuse…   It was gone!  All of that energy up in smoke, given to God.  None of us have to keep it any more!  WOW!  What an epiphany!  What a tool!  What a way to SHIFT into the new year!

Seeing thru my past into future possibilities

Happiest, Healthiest New Year!!

What an exciting year this will be!  Sing For Your Soul is evolving into Harmonies of Healing-Embracing a wider scope of possibilities!  Many healings happening thru the natural use of the Human Voice.  Many new venues opening up and I am ready, willing able to release ALL that no longer serves me!  Following is a letter I sent a friend about the importance of release…particularly in the form of forgiveness-

For me, applying the Truth principles that I have learned thru Unity, Self Help books, my own therapy etc were put to use only on an “At-Need” basis. I share my story so others don’t have to take the same path. This is what I know:

Singing-Breathing Deep and making noise as I exhale came first. To do it naturally takes me out of my head and into my body which is the # 1 most important piece of peace. As I sing or do yoga or paint or anything creative really, I allow my natural state of peace to be predominant. Singing is my favorite road to relaxation because it connects the breath to the body.

THEN-it’s in that place of relaxation that ALL MY STUFF comes up to heal! THAT”S when I hear things like “You don’t really want to relax now do you?” and “Do you really believe all of that stuff you spout?” Sometimes era ugliness comes up when I’m the most at peace! Oh God, how odd?!!

Now comes the Forgiveness work. I use the Ho’oponopono technique.  That is the ancient Hawaiian philosophy of forgiveness.  Check out http://www.hooponopono for the specifics.

My favorite tool tho in one that I call that the primal purge!  Excavating old toxic wounds from the body where they live physically!  What a Holy Shift!  After every purge, miracles happen which allows me to do the work weaver I need to.  I look forward those miracles.  They are tangible!  Another miracle is the intuition that strengthens as my core dumps out what no longer serves me!  Awesome answers to complex questions come easily after I purge!

I know you know that joy and peace are not a destination. They are a choice every minute of everyday. When I proclaim “I choose peace!” and want to cry…THAT’s when I know it’s time to sing, to relax my body and then to forgive…again!

Blessings my friends!