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Substitute “breathe” for “sing”

Larry Powell~Over 70 years ago I learned to use the large abdominal muscles to breathe, to play my trumpet without effort, to project my voice from the stage so those in the back row could hear and understand. Mother was involved with the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and I was learning acting from Nora McAlvey, a playwright for the children’s theatre at the Goodman. I appeared in plays written and directed by Nora at the Dunes Theatre in Michiana Shores near Michigan City, IN. Over the years I forgot all about my acting and trumpet playing but the breathing continued (thank God).

Several years ago I attended one of Lauren’s Sing For Your Soul workshops.  From her mouth I heard many of the same lessons I had learned from Nora and later from Palmer Myron, Elston High School Jazz Band instructor and Maynard Fergeson, trumpet virtuoso with Stan Kenton’s band. She reminded me that conscious deep breathing is good for my health and helps bring me into the present,  Eckhart Tolle’s “Now” of life. I am reading a book by Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ, in which he speaks of conscious breathing to help attain mindfulness – the practice of peace.

Lauren makes a statement about the importance of singing in her life. It was posted on this blog a few days ago. I have paraphrased it using the word “breathe” for “sing”:

I breathe for my life. I breathe to stay happy and healthy. I breathe when I’m sad, it brightens my day. I breathe to stay sane. I breathe to stay young. I breathe through the chaos and drama. I breathe my beginnings. I breathe all my ends. I breathe to release every trauma!

To learn about breathing visit: http://www.harmoniesofhealing.com

Peace – Larry Powell, Lauren’s Father who now goes to sleep each night with just a few conscious deep breaths. Honestly, it works.

Life as Kristen

Good Morning!  I’m Lauren’s sister Kristen Hartnagel. Perhaps you’ve seen/heard some of my work on Lauren’s website or on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/khartsings?feature=mhum     Lauren asked me to blog with her so here’s my first shot!

The sky is blushing hazy pink   8 crows atop my tallest tree

I thought I’d share a line or two on what life’s like while being me:

There’s certain things I’m sure about   till newness creeps inside

So I allow uncertainty    to take the place of pride

With open heart and questioning     and willingness to See

I hand it over to my Guide      Truth He will show to me

No matter what I think I see    How can I serve today

The Greatest and the Highest Good    with all I do and say

And don’t forget those pesky things that swim on in my mind

Please help me with the discipline     my unthoughts to unwind

For I’ve been told that only Good is being stored for me

My Mind holds only what I think with God so all else I set free  (CIM Lesson 141)

If only Love is real    and yes, I do believe that’s true

Then anything that I perceive as less    I must undo

But knowing how is not my job     I can’t undo alone

I ask the Holy Spirit     and I’m  willing to be shown

The End

Nothing real can be threatened

Nothing unreal exists

Therein lies the peace of God From a Course in Miracles

Love and Light, Kristen



Where is Lauren now?

Here is my updated itinerary.  Keep an eye on the website for any changes, additions.  Se you there!

Feb 26 Elkhart, In Unitarian Church of Elkhart Women’s Spirit Winter Fest.  HARMONIES OF HEALING time tba

March 4 Sarasota Rising Tide International 5102 Swift Road Sarasota, FL 34231
 941-923-7834 www.risingtideinternational.org Women’s MOON Meditation

March 5, 6, 8, Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Road (941) 955-3301 www.unityofsarasota.com HARMONIES OF HEALING Sunday March 5 12:30-3:00pm TONING CIRCLE Monday March 6 7:00-9:30pm HEALING SERVICE Wed March 7, 7:00-9:00

March 12 Lauren in CONCERT! Tree of Life,  920 Rolling Acres Rd, Lady Lake, FL (352) 561-4099 This is part of the 1 year anniversary open house!  All day Saturday! http://www.mytreeoflife.com

March 13,14,15,  Unity Spiritual Life Center, Villagio Business Center 855 E SR 434, Winter Springs, Fl 32708 http://www.unitychurch.com/tp42/default.asp?ID=169353 HARMONIES OF HEALING Sunday March 13 12:30-3:00pm Vibrations of Forgiveness Monday March 14 7:00-9:30pm TONING CIRCLE Tues March 15  7:00-9:00

March 20, 21 Way of Life Unity Center  1797 Hurlburt Road, Fort Walton Beach, FL  32547,  850-864-1232 www.unityinfwb.org HARMONIES OF HEALING Sunday March 20 12:30-3:00pm TONING CIRCLE Mon March 21  7:00-9:00

March 23 Sun City Center Metaphysical Club 10:00am Speaker

LATER THAT DAY in Sun City Center at the The Chakra Center 137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd, Suite 201  813-633-9400 http://www.thechakracenter.com  HARMONIES OF HEALING 2:30-4:30

March 27, 28 Unity of Panama City  
1764 Lisenby Avenue, Panama City 850-769-7481 http://www.unityofpanamacity.org HARMONIES OF HEALING Sunday March 27 12:30-3:00pm TONING CIRCLE Mon March 28  7:00-9:00

Doing it Differently!

Lauren_Kristen in Playa

Lauren and Kristen in Playa

Hello World!  I had an idea yesterday!  How would feel to have my Dad and sister blogging on my site? Wonderful bits of inspiration coming from all three of us on one site-Daddy/Daughter!

So I invited them to blog whenever and whatever they feel the desire to share.  Since there can only be one person on the profile, it will stay the same but I would like to introduce you to 2 of my best friends-Kristen my sister and Larry our Dad.

My other best friends, my husband Phil, Sam-my Mom and Mary Ann-my stepmom, will be written about and may add some entries of their own, but for the most part you will hear from Dad, Kristen and I.  This will be fun!

Memories amendment…

Hello all.  In rereading my last blog, I feel the need to clarify something.  It was NEVER my mother OR father who physically hurt me in any way.  The past abuse I referred to was from Mom’s boyfriend.  As a result of HIS childhood trauma/drama he was very violent and would hit my mom/throw valuables in the fire/pour whatever was handy on mom’s head at dinner time and he did hit me when I tried to defend her.  Water under the bridge and LOTS of forgiveness and healing has added GRACE to all of my past.  Because of and in spite of all of this I have learned to love more deeply and forgive more quickly.  Now I can see the GOOD that this man brought into our lives.  It wasn’t ALL bad…hmmm.  As I forgive and forgive again (it comes in layers you know!) I can see, from a higher place, that there was a lot of good in him.  Before the forgiveness work- he was just an asshole.  NOW I see him as the precious child of God that he really is. WOW!  Talk about HEALING!

The featured pic is me at 14 I think.  So full of pain you can see in the photo.  I thank GOD everyday that I’m not there anymore!!

Memories-Good and not so good.

Songwriting, like any art form can be very cathartic.  The song “Don’t U” was written as a reaction to a memory of past abuse.  It was triggered by a scene I witnessed in which a bunch of kids were running out of a house, laughing and having fun.  The adult following them grabbed the kid she could reach by the arm and yanked him backyards.  I saw the look of surprise, humiliation and fear in his eyes.  I remembered being that kid.  

Contemplative Laurie