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Hello all.  In rereading my last blog, I feel the need to clarify something.  It was NEVER my mother OR father who physically hurt me in any way.  The past abuse I referred to was from Mom’s boyfriend.  As a result of HIS childhood trauma/drama he was very violent and would hit my mom/throw valuables in the fire/pour whatever was handy on mom’s head at dinner time and he did hit me when I tried to defend her.  Water under the bridge and LOTS of forgiveness and healing has added GRACE to all of my past.  Because of and in spite of all of this I have learned to love more deeply and forgive more quickly.  Now I can see the GOOD that this man brought into our lives.  It wasn’t ALL bad…hmmm.  As I forgive and forgive again (it comes in layers you know!) I can see, from a higher place, that there was a lot of good in him.  Before the forgiveness work- he was just an asshole.  NOW I see him as the precious child of God that he really is. WOW!  Talk about HEALING!

The featured pic is me at 14 I think.  So full of pain you can see in the photo.  I thank GOD everyday that I’m not there anymore!!


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