Larry Powell~Over 70 years ago I learned to use the large abdominal muscles to breathe, to play my trumpet without effort, to project my voice from the stage so those in the back row could hear and understand. Mother was involved with the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and I was learning acting from Nora McAlvey, a playwright for the children’s theatre at the Goodman. I appeared in plays written and directed by Nora at the Dunes Theatre in Michiana Shores near Michigan City, IN. Over the years I forgot all about my acting and trumpet playing but the breathing continued (thank God).

Several years ago I attended one of Lauren’s Sing For Your Soul workshops.  From her mouth I heard many of the same lessons I had learned from Nora and later from Palmer Myron, Elston High School Jazz Band instructor and Maynard Fergeson, trumpet virtuoso with Stan Kenton’s band. She reminded me that conscious deep breathing is good for my health and helps bring me into the present,  Eckhart Tolle’s “Now” of life. I am reading a book by Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ, in which he speaks of conscious breathing to help attain mindfulness – the practice of peace.

Lauren makes a statement about the importance of singing in her life. It was posted on this blog a few days ago. I have paraphrased it using the word “breathe” for “sing”:

I breathe for my life. I breathe to stay happy and healthy. I breathe when I’m sad, it brightens my day. I breathe to stay sane. I breathe to stay young. I breathe through the chaos and drama. I breathe my beginnings. I breathe all my ends. I breathe to release every trauma!

To learn about breathing visit: http://www.harmoniesofhealing.com

Peace – Larry Powell, Lauren’s Father who now goes to sleep each night with just a few conscious deep breaths. Honestly, it works.

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