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The Bliss of Being

After the Gilding

It was amazing in Michigan this past week! We had several warm days that melted all but the most stubborn snow. Then there came a night of rain followed by a dawn of sleet and freezing rain, with even occasional hail!

So on March 23rd we awoke to an unexpected “snow day” meaning no school for my boys! This was a pleasant surprise and after they crunched through the yard breaking the icy glass-looking grass under their feet, they marveled at the surrounding wonderland. The trees looked like they were made of the finest crystal. The roads were like a hockey rink, but as they thawed in the sunshine, the view was breathtaking. Diamonds scattered and twinkling on every surface!

To top it off, it was my eldest’s birthday – what a gift – a shiny star-studded landscape …and no school! Remember this. Breathe it in.

Coated with ice

Talk about HEALING!

We just got back to Clearwater from a whirlwind trip to the panhandle of Florida.  Maryann, my stepmom, is on a trip to Indiana via California so Dad and I had the week by ourselves.  I took him on a road trip with me to Fort Walton Beach.  He has seen my programs before, filmed them as well.  But this is the first “road-trip” we have taken together. On the way up, Dad was healing from a sore throat so we didn’t speak much. Neither of us enjoy the babble of talk radio.  Even music seemed too bothersome.  So in the silence we traveled 9 hours, just happy to BE together.  He caught me smiling-for no reason at all-just blessed to be with him.
He stayed with a couple-Jennifer and Ron and I stayed with Erika.  Dad made fast friends of his host family as did I.  He attended both workshops after the church service that I performed.  As a kid, he attended all of my presentations so having him in the audience at Unity in Ft Walton was awesome and brought back so many memories.  I sang my sister’s “HOLY SPIRIT” which put her in our midst as well.  I made him cry.  I couldn’t look at his face when I sang because I knew I would tear up!
By the drive home he was 100% healthy again.  My “toning”, Reike and the over-the-counter meds worked so quickly, a cold that normally would have taken a week to heal was GONE in 3 days!
On the drive back to Clearwater we couldn’t stop talking!  During traffic jams we blew bubbles out the window, my favorite past-time!  Dad and I created so many more memories this trip!   I value our time together.  God bless you Daddy!

Dad and I

Angel with Singing Bowl

Last year in January I was in Key West. I go there every year, or try to.  This trip was odd, for no better description. Things were not “normal” whatever that means and I felt out of sorts.  I felt like I was not allowed to give of myself the way I love to.  I was determined to make the best of it.

I was on the platform/stage on one side, a small group of children were on the other, away of me and the singing bowls. NO adults were around.  No problem.  They were keeping to themselves and having fun and weren’t bothering me at all…until…a precious little girl, maybe all of 2 years old, picked up a bowl striker, looked me in the eye and dropped it into the bowl.

It hit the center of my 16″ G bowl just perfectly to break it clean through.  I breathed.  I checked my reaction.  I wanted to yell at the little girl…why? She didn’t do it on purpose.  I wanted to yell at someone!  I sat with it for awhile and prayed.  “This is a Break Through.” I heard in my prayer.  I breathed some more.

At the workshop, 1 of the participants told me she is a stained glass artist and offered to take the bowl and make me something from it. I didn’t know what else to do with a big broken bowl so I released it.

A few months later I heard from Vesta Denning, the artist.  She sent this glorious piece.  The only part of the bowl used is the bowl itself that I…the angel, is holding.  (It looks like me, doesn’t it.)

It has taken me a while to make this available, but I wanted to share this with all of you so you can enjoy it like I do!  Blessings

As our cruise ship passed Bonn, the birthplace of Beethoven, her voice rang out…


Lauren had graduated the school of music at Indiana University and she and I went to Europe to celebrate. We were cruising the Rhine river enjoying a brew and the many castles along the way when the public address announced we were passing the birthplace of Beethoven. Lauren leapt to her feet and strode to the bow of the boat and began singing.
The music department at I.U. had performed Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at the final concert and Lauren was in the Choir. She was singing, A cappella, the Ode to Joy in German and all conversations stopped. Every eye turned toward the bow and when she was finished all hell broke loose. People rushed to talk to her. I could not get close enough to hear all that was said as I was taking photos (wish I had a movie camera along). Later she told of the warmth of those who came to congratulate her. The appreciation soon turned to amazement as, one-by-one, she told them in English that she could not speak German and did not know what they were trying to tell her. Once this truth was out the verbal garlands were repeated in English. Several people came over to me when it was learned that I was her father and they told me she had sung the entire piece in perfect German.
This was a high point, among many, in our adventures together over the years. This blog is yet another adventure we get to share.