Talk about HEALING!

We just got back to Clearwater from a whirlwind trip to the panhandle of Florida.  Maryann, my stepmom, is on a trip to Indiana via California so Dad and I had the week by ourselves.  I took him on a road trip with me to Fort Walton Beach.  He has seen my programs before, filmed them as well.  But this is the first “road-trip” we have taken together. On the way up, Dad was healing from a sore throat so we didn’t speak much. Neither of us enjoy the babble of talk radio.  Even music seemed too bothersome.  So in the silence we traveled 9 hours, just happy to BE together.  He caught me smiling-for no reason at all-just blessed to be with him.
He stayed with a couple-Jennifer and Ron and I stayed with Erika.  Dad made fast friends of his host family as did I.  He attended both workshops after the church service that I performed.  As a kid, he attended all of my presentations so having him in the audience at Unity in Ft Walton was awesome and brought back so many memories.  I sang my sister’s “HOLY SPIRIT” which put her in our midst as well.  I made him cry.  I couldn’t look at his face when I sang because I knew I would tear up!
By the drive home he was 100% healthy again.  My “toning”, Reike and the over-the-counter meds worked so quickly, a cold that normally would have taken a week to heal was GONE in 3 days!
On the drive back to Clearwater we couldn’t stop talking!  During traffic jams we blew bubbles out the window, my favorite past-time!  Dad and I created so many more memories this trip!   I value our time together.  God bless you Daddy!

Dad and I

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