April 4th…I know it has some significance but what?  As I ponder a sweet, warm scent of memory floats through.  14 years ago today, 1 month after Gramama passed, the day of DCs funeral (a dear Unity friend) Phil and I were in the basement of our home in South Bend watching TV.  During a commercial I told Phil that someday, I wouldn’t mind being his wife.  Just like that!  I heard myself say that as if I were someone else, but it felt good.

Phil and I had been living together since April of 92′ and dated for a year before I moved in with him.  We were doing great, why change?  I wondered.  Back in the beginning when I was still so insecure he told me point blank, “If you’re looking for a proposal, you’re not going to get one.  I’ve been there, done that. But please know that I love you.”

So why now after so many years?  We started talking about it, getting a little giddy and anticipatory! A few days go by and we’re still talking about it.  Half teasing I said, “You know honey, when you propose to me proper, we can start telling people.”

“I thought you proposed to me!”  He said.

“Oh, I guess I did!   …and your answer was…..”

We has the shortest engagement ever. 6 months later we had a GREAT party, celebration, wedding.  Look forward to my October blogs where I’ll reminisce about the wedding.

The man I married

My Best Friend

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  1. I have pictures to go with the Wedding Anniversary blog.

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