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September 2nd, 50 years ago today!

Wow, Who would have thunk 50 years could be so full? …full of love, full of heartache, full of laughter, full of tears, full of excitement, full of fear, full of healing!!? 50 years of action packed life!

At 4:03 am this morning 50 years ago I entered the world-this time around-to experience all that life has to offer! My mommy sang me into the world. Right now she is sleeping in the next room. She and I will go to my favorite retreat later today in Dayton where I celebrate my birthday every year. This year with mom with me the celebration couldn’t be any better! IF we do choose our parents I sure picked great ones! After the retreat Maryann and Dad are throwing me a party-on the way to Wheatland Music Festival with Phil! Could life be any better!?

So Happy Birthday to me! I can hardly wait to see what magic the next 50 years have in store!