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Wedding Anniversary

14 years

14 years of wedded Bliss!

Tomorrow is our 14th Wedding Anniversary. In April I blogged about our engagement.  October 11th we married at Unity Church of Peace in South Bend Indiana. Rev Annie Tremble was our minister.  My mom sang. My sister sang. I sang. We all sang!

Bryan Edington opened on the guitar with mom singing lead on The Rose as my sister and my stepson walked down. She joined mom in harmony for the second verse.

The third verse, that beautiful high harmony that bring it home was sung by me! Microphone hidden in my flowers, on my daddy’s arm floating down the aisle “When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long…”

Mary Ann my stepmom read a Cheyenne prayer, Dada read from the Profit, Kristen sang Bread’s “If.” Mom sang a song I wrote “To Love Someone.” Her question months before was “How can I sing that in public? I cry every time!” She came every week to my voice studio and we worked until she was almost sick of the song and she did it that day very well!

When planning the recessional I reminded Phil that as an frequent wedding singer myself I often sang “When I’m 64” by the Beatles. My husband quoted the first line “When I get older. losing my hair…” Honey, that’s a sick joke!

“Ok then, how about “Zip-a-dee Do Da?” I asked. Phil replied “Only if we use Kazoos!”

The pianist gave us a flowing overture and all of us on stage took Kazoos out and played them all the way out of the sanctuary! The response we got more of was “That was so much fun we want to see it again!”  Thus began our live together as husband and wife. We had lived together for 6 years already. the wedding just seemed to deepen our relationship.

I married my best friend. We are polite to one another. I believe we truly respect one another. I love this man more now than even last week! It grows as we do. God Bless a Great relationship! Thank you my husband for being who you are. I love you. Happy Anniversary!