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Loving My Life on the Road

This is the article I published in an e-magazine put out for musicians and ministers of Unity Church Worldwide. I thought it was also appropriate for my blog. Enjoy!

I feel very honored to have been asked to write about my life on the road for the first re-issue of Sound Connections.  I’ve been touring full time for 12 and a half years. I am home for a week at a time every month.  When I tell people that they gasp! “How can you be away from home for that long?” I reply that I get a week off every month. How many people get to say that? It a matter of perspective! Isn’t everything?

Driving by myself affords me ample opportunities for self-reflection. I rarely listen to my books on tape or my Sirius radio because I have so much fun redefining who I am, what I do and how I do it.  I sing, meditate (with eyes open!) tone for my body when muscles start to ache and I take a break every single hour without fail to stretch and do some yoga for my self-care. I breathe deeply and stay relaxed at all times. In traffic I blow bubbles out the window! I get quite a few reactions from passers by!  One gal pulled along side and asked, “What are you doing?” Without thinking I declared, “I am changing the way traffic jams feel!”  She said’ “You know, you really are!” Another time I was told, “You’re having fun and we get to enjoy it!” He got it!!

I have learned patience and flexibility on the road. I never know how an event will flow, how much money I will make, where I will be staying or whom I’ll meet. Most often the host or hostess of my workshops will find me a room of my own in someone’s home. I make life-long friends everywhere I go. I am told I am a great guest because I need for nothing. I have my protein shake in the morning. Lunch is often at a café where I can get online and do some work. Dinner is often a granola bar, a hand full of almonds and cranberries. If my hostess doesn’t have a coffee maker I have my French press in the van at the ready. I am very self-sufficient.

Never knowing what will happen when, has also taught me to trust. I trust in the process. I trust in God and I trust myself more and more everyday!  “Just trust.” becomes my mantra. IF money does not flow in from one source, I know it will flow from another. It always does…if I trust. I wouldn’t be honest though if I didn’t confess that at times, when money is not flowing in that trusting becomes difficult. When I am in that place, when I can’t sing to feel better, when I can’t meditate to bring myself to a higher vibration, when prayers don’t seem to work and I still feel contracted, That is when I go within and ask- “Who Can I forgive right now to bring my abundance to me?” When my body is less than perfect and yoga, a biweekly massage and walking doesn’t help, I go within and ask- “Who Can I forgive right now to feel better?’ When any part of my life feels the least bit tense or stressed and I ask that question, I always get an answer! Then the work begins! Now I give workshops called “The Vibrations of Forgiveness.”

Using the power of the breath and the voice for my inner work creates miracles every single time! I am more open. Blocks have been removed and the flow increases right before my very eyes! My newest workshop incorporates this process about and around the Body Temple because in order to be of service to God and human kind, I require a healthy body! BIG forgiveness issues come up often to remind me that I didn’t always love my body. In fact, in my 20s I pretty badly abused it! Forgiving myself and my body has shifted everything and on my 50th birthday I reached and now maintain a healthy 118 pounds!! My new “Body by GOD” workshop was born and is more popular than ever!

All of this came about because I learned how to love all of my life-or it wouldn’t work at all! Believing that all I wanted to do is sing, I thought teaching was something I was falling back on. But learning to love teaching, saying out loud through gritted teeth “ I love my students” changed everything. I am an awesome teacher! I can teach anyone to sing on key in an hour but when I hated teaching it just didn’t work!  I learned how to love the driving across the country, on purpose. Now I really do! I learned how to love marketing myself and guess what!? Not only am I good at it, I teach that now too! “Honoring Your Inner Entrepreneur” has participants thinking and feeling way outside the box, with the right brain to allow Spirit’s guidance in our very business! A 7-8 hour class goes by so quickly because we have so much fun recreating ourselves together with God fully in charge!

My main workshops, the “Harmonies of Healing” and the “Toning Circle” are still my mainstays. These remind people how to use their own voice as an instrument of peace and healing by deepening the breath and singing, speaking and toning authentically and naturally. Stress is released; pain is reduced; peace and harmony is restored.  Of course I still do concerts. I love to sing and I love my own music! I am a prolific composer. The workshops allow me to do all of that and more!

While I am quickly branching out into healing art centers, hospitals, hospice, conferences and seminars and while I am now working with church boards, Reike practitioners and other healers, my first love is still with Unity. Unity is my family and I love being a part of its ever-changing evolution and growth. Typically I do the whole Sunday service-Message/meditation/music. My talk title for 2012 is “The Dynamic Energies of FAITH!”

I speak of embodying what we know by being the peace we want to see in the world as Ghandi taught.  I speak of smiling on purpose all of the time at everyone I make eye contact with.  If I am not shining my light though this face of mine constantly, I miss the opportunity to tithe to the world. If I am negative in thought, word or deed I am not in alignment with Truth. If I am not in a state of constant prayer and meditation I am not in the flow of the now moment.

By design  I LOVE my life so much tears of joy often erupt when I think of how blessed I am. I cry those tears often! Let them flow!!!

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Patience Pays off and Promotes Peace!

OK Gotta Share! I have many packages to send promised to people weeks ago. Finally got it done at a PO in Jupiter. I was blessed to be a trainee’s 3rd customer! I felt her anguish, confusion and impatience with herself.  Her trainer was loving and very supportive. I reminded the trainee that in 30 days this will all be behind her she will feel so much easier about her new job. I guess she was my age or older…second, third career-can be scary.  I reminded her to breathe and I began to send her love and peace. I breathed for her. It took quite a long time as I sent a package to Australia along with other stuff. All brand new info to the trainee. I felt my energetic arms wrap her up in a warm hug. 

 I felt the long line behind me-impatient for the most part. I sent them love and peace. When our transactions were complete I gave her and her trainer a card that says “Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. Who you are is important. What you do Matters.” Tears welled up in the trainees eyes as she said “thank you so much! I really needed this!” I reminded her that THAT is who she is-always, special, worthy and important.  I did many wonderful things yesterday but that hour long connection felt like the most important!

 How does God show up in your life?

I posted this on facebook and sent a copy to my customer in Australia. This is her synchronistic reply!

 Hi Lauren,  The purple goddess dress arrived today.  Thank you.

 Thank you also for your story.  Interestingly it took about 20 minutes for me to receive the dress, as an Australia Post trainee, I would say a woman in her 40’s was processing it.  As it had been electronically tracked the whole way she had to electronically log it out to me. ..and she didn’t know how…. And was being taught … and there was a queue. The lady I was dealing with got it sorted eventually.  I thought of you as I sent her white light.

 I’ve tried the dress on and will wear it out to dinner tonight with knowledge of the grace that has brought it to me.

How does God-ess show up in my life?

Every day as I look out of the window I feel blessed.  Every meal when I thank the Goddess for the woman who shares my life.  Every moment when I feel my extraordinary luck in being alive in this time and place, and all the wonderful “coincidences” that occur day after day.

Thank you for persisting, and for being the type of woman who is a able to provide this beautiful garment across the world.

Sincerely  Carol

God Bless you all and keeping look for how God/Goddess shows up in your life!