OK Gotta Share! I have many packages to send promised to people weeks ago. Finally got it done at a PO in Jupiter. I was blessed to be a trainee’s 3rd customer! I felt her anguish, confusion and impatience with herself.  Her trainer was loving and very supportive. I reminded the trainee that in 30 days this will all be behind her she will feel so much easier about her new job. I guess she was my age or older…second, third career-can be scary.  I reminded her to breathe and I began to send her love and peace. I breathed for her. It took quite a long time as I sent a package to Australia along with other stuff. All brand new info to the trainee. I felt my energetic arms wrap her up in a warm hug. 

 I felt the long line behind me-impatient for the most part. I sent them love and peace. When our transactions were complete I gave her and her trainer a card that says “Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. Who you are is important. What you do Matters.” Tears welled up in the trainees eyes as she said “thank you so much! I really needed this!” I reminded her that THAT is who she is-always, special, worthy and important.  I did many wonderful things yesterday but that hour long connection felt like the most important!

 How does God show up in your life?

I posted this on facebook and sent a copy to my customer in Australia. This is her synchronistic reply!

 Hi Lauren,  The purple goddess dress arrived today.  Thank you.

 Thank you also for your story.  Interestingly it took about 20 minutes for me to receive the dress, as an Australia Post trainee, I would say a woman in her 40’s was processing it.  As it had been electronically tracked the whole way she had to electronically log it out to me. ..and she didn’t know how…. And was being taught … and there was a queue. The lady I was dealing with got it sorted eventually.  I thought of you as I sent her white light.

 I’ve tried the dress on and will wear it out to dinner tonight with knowledge of the grace that has brought it to me.

How does God-ess show up in my life?

Every day as I look out of the window I feel blessed.  Every meal when I thank the Goddess for the woman who shares my life.  Every moment when I feel my extraordinary luck in being alive in this time and place, and all the wonderful “coincidences” that occur day after day.

Thank you for persisting, and for being the type of woman who is a able to provide this beautiful garment across the world.

Sincerely  Carol

God Bless you all and keeping look for how God/Goddess shows up in your life!


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