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The Magic of Music

DSC_8107 (2)I have had a lot of good response to my meditation CD called Chants to HEAL. One such response came from Claudell Hefner County. We connected on facebook. She ordered a CD and offered to send me a song she had written. I accepted. She wrote: By the way, I love your CD. The songs, your voices - strong high, soft, gentle, multiple and overtone chanting. How fun! I hope we get to meet someday. Many blessings, Claudell I finally got a chance to read her email and look her attached song. Gratefully I can sightread and I recognized it immediately. It is called My Dedication subtitled "Here I am, Lord, Use me." It was copyrighted 1984...the year I found Unity. Tears filled my eyes when the melody naturally filled the room and the lyrics projected themselves from inside upon a blank screen before me. I sang this song early on in my Spiritual Journey, having no idea how deep surrender could go at that time. I've sung her song many time since! When I first heard it, I remember trying to embrace the meaning of the words. I yearned to know what God had planned for me. Claudia's chord progression left an uneasy opening in me...an opportunity to see where next I needed to grow... I was 22 years old. Thirty years later the song still sparks a flame. And now I meet the composer of the song! How cool is that!!? I just love the way God works!! The declaration “Here I am, Lord, Use me.” needs to be at the very vortex of prayer. It allows every experience to unfold in full color, ripening and at last, providing nourishment for the good of all. Many Blessings Claudia and thank you for a beautiful, timeless song of surrender! Glad to meet you! I am honored!