Angel Flying

Angel Flying

Hear the song!

Angel Flying is one of my very first compositions. Written in 1996, it is a song that actually wrote me! IT flowed through me with much ease and grace, so ready to be born! I love the double melody in the chorus. Inner weaving strands of melody is a favorite song writing tool of mine. Each melody stands alone but when combined create magic in motion!

The lyrics came from a childhood memory. When I was six years old, I used to hover above my bed. I remember floating about 6-8 inches over the sheets and looking down at the indentation of where my head used to be. Then I’d be gone! Never alone though, I always have company. My companion was an Angel. An enormous figure of golden light, shimmering and glowing, illuminating our way. I was never a bit frightened. I was often overwhelmed by the beauty all around me as we traveled. It was in this place of peace that I learned to look for and see the magnificence of all things!  And the love ! The love was tangible. I could touch it, t hold it, spin it around, wear it, swallow it and then become it.

One time we didn’t fly. We just sat on the fence in my back yard. We didn’t speak. We didn’t have to. If felt good just to be. So normal. I didn’t have to do anything. That presence felt so warm and wonderful. A few years ago my dad and I took an 8 hour road trip. He was just getting over a sore throat so we opted not to speak for the duration. It was one of the holiest communions we’ve ever shared. Just being with one another with no words to get in the way was precious! That is how I felt as I child, sitting on the fence in the backyard with the angel. Held in light of love.

One day I told someone I flew with angels. She told me that was impossible. She was a grown up after all. She must be right, right? I never flew again…until the day I danced with you all, one twirl at a time, during treatment to this song. It felt new and fresh and at the same time comfortably familiar to dance with all the people I love and allow them to love me back to health. I can still feel the light breeze we create as we waltz! Can you feel it!?

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