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3 more days!!

In 3 days, on September 2nd at 4:03am I will turn 49 years young!  How cool to be almost 50 and love life so much.  My body is in better shape than it was in high school!  I am happier that I have ever been.  I am more prosperous than I have ever been.  It just keeps getting better!  Not only do I know how all of this is possible, but I travel the country sharing the details of how my life works!  To live as an example, to be the peace (as Ghandi said) to sing my songs, to create and recreate my life minute by minute is just plain FUN!!Having a wonderful time! And Happy 65th to Charles!  You are the 2nd person I’ve heard from about my blog.  How cool!

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  1. Hello Lauren,

    You are gracing my studio time with your lovely voice and words. As I continue to hit play over and over again, your CDs,, your zest and love bless me to paint with you dancing all over the canvas.

    Please know how important your energy is in my world,and that of so many other Unity students.

    God Bless You, sending LOVE and PRAYERS,
    Judie Pufpaff
    Unity of Buffalo, New York


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