About Me

Healing the planet, one song at a time!

My purpose in this life is to use my voice to uplift and assist all who are drawn to this work. I consider it a sacred honor to share my music and healing techniques with the world.

Here’s how it works!  As you learn to vocalize from the core, the music you make creates a vibration deep within your body. Unlike singing from the throat area alone, this vibration has an immediate affect on your body from head to toe. Most illness is caused by some type of energy blockage in the tissue or organs of the body. By routinely allowing the energy to flow in this way, those blockages can be released.

Many people have been told “You’re tone deaf” and “You can’t carry a tune in a bucket”, and they believe it. The sounds they do make are strained, pinched, edgy and often off key, seeming to confirm their beliefs. However, once they learn to breathe and to use their CORE muscles, strong, beautiful tones are produced.

After receiving my degree in Voice and Music Education, I started teaching private vocal  lessons. Some of my students reported suprising benefits they believed were linked to singing. As my teaching techniques became more and more refined, reports about the affects of the singing increased. Asthma symptoms were relieved. In 2 cases, doctors ceased medications. Relationships were mended because (they said) he or she found their voice! Stuttering stopped. People diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia Syndrome were singing fluidly!  I created my Sing For Your Soul workshop to reach more people. and began to study Sound Healing in depth, particularly vocal toning.

Since then, I have traveled extensively training people to use their authentic voice in workshops all across the country. However, in April of 2012 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After the initial “freak out” I became still. In the quiet, I got the message that I have the opportunity to use every single Life Lesson I had ever learned to get through this. Then I asked, “How? What do I do with this?” I heard, “Do it differently. Have fun with it. Use your music. Change the way it looks and feels.”

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  1. I met u today in Wal-Mart, I was ur cashier! Not sure why u gave me this card? Im interested!

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