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The Bliss of Being

After the Gilding

It was amazing in Michigan this past week! We had several warm days that melted all but the most stubborn snow. Then there came a night of rain followed by a dawn of sleet and freezing rain, with even occasional hail!

So on March 23rd we awoke to an unexpected “snow day” meaning no school for my boys! This was a pleasant surprise and after they crunched through the yard breaking the icy glass-looking grass under their feet, they marveled at the surrounding wonderland. The trees looked like they were made of the finest crystal. The roads were like a hockey rink, but as they thawed in the sunshine, the view was breathtaking. Diamonds scattered and twinkling on every surface!

To top it off, it was my eldest’s birthday – what a gift – a shiny star-studded landscape …and no school! Remember this. Breathe it in.

Coated with ice


Life as Kristen

Good Morning!  I’m Lauren’s sister Kristen Hartnagel. Perhaps you’ve seen/heard some of my work on Lauren’s website or on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/khartsings?feature=mhum     Lauren asked me to blog with her so here’s my first shot!

The sky is blushing hazy pink   8 crows atop my tallest tree

I thought I’d share a line or two on what life’s like while being me:

There’s certain things I’m sure about   till newness creeps inside

So I allow uncertainty    to take the place of pride

With open heart and questioning     and willingness to See

I hand it over to my Guide      Truth He will show to me

No matter what I think I see    How can I serve today

The Greatest and the Highest Good    with all I do and say

And don’t forget those pesky things that swim on in my mind

Please help me with the discipline     my unthoughts to unwind

For I’ve been told that only Good is being stored for me

My Mind holds only what I think with God so all else I set free  (CIM Lesson 141)

If only Love is real    and yes, I do believe that’s true

Then anything that I perceive as less    I must undo

But knowing how is not my job     I can’t undo alone

I ask the Holy Spirit     and I’m  willing to be shown

The End

Nothing real can be threatened

Nothing unreal exists

Therein lies the peace of God From a Course in Miracles

Love and Light, Kristen