29 years ago on Easter my Grandmama took me to my first Unity Church service. My father suggested I find some Spiritual support in 1983 when I was addicted to poverty, living on the edge and basically angry at God. Having lived through mom and dad’s horrific divorce, mom’s next relationship with an abusive boyfriend, I was ‘living it up” in Sarasota Florida all by myself for the first time. In fact “big-by-self” was the badge I wore from age 8! That Easter Sunday I found a home, a community in Unity. One that I have served and that has served me ever since. That Easter so many years ago brought to me a sense of belonging I had never known.

Fast forward to Tuesday, March 27th. I love my touring life. In a past blog I talked about my life on the road. Please read that when you have time and notice how everything has now changed. I was in Ft Walton Beach offering my workshops at Unity when my digestion still had not settled down. I had gone 3 months believing any minor discomfort was due to my overdoing benedryl to rid myself of a sinus infection. Then 2 rounds of antibiotics in February and March for an ear infection. It made perfect sense to me that this small, non-medicated body of mine just didn’t do meds well!

That Tuesday my hostess of the week, Jennifer, offered me the name of her naturopathic doctor. I made an appointment that morning. He confirmed my all over great health but the ph level in my urine and the little mass above my hairline in my pelvic area made him pause. I thought it was a blocked intestine still from the meds. He said he wanted to rule out cancer…rule out cancer. Well of course I don’t have cancer! I am so fit and healthy and I love my body and take such good care of it, how can cancer possibly exist? Still the blood test itself was daunting. “What ifs” strangled every positive thought. Wednesday was the longest day waiting. Waiting. Thursday morning when Dr Hendricks called me into his office I knew the news was not happy relief. “This is not something you can tell me over the phone, huh.” Jennifer offered to go with me and I took her up on it. I knew I did not want to be alone. I was grateful for her motherly presence.

“It looks like ovarian cancer.” the words rang in my ears all morning. The doctor suggested that when I get home I should have a gynecological exam. That would be another 2 weeks away! I called my mom and then dad. I told them what I may be up against. Dr Hendricks did say there was a slight chance that the numbers on my CA125 test could be high because of digestion stuff. I was holding out for that. I drove to Unity in Ft Walton to pack up. I was in a daze. When I walked in Rev George and his wife Barbara met me at the door. It was as if they knew. I melted into their arms in a puddle of tears. I sobbed for what felt like hours on the floor of the sanctuary surrounded by the love and light these 2 precious people held for me, the love and light that Unity has held for me for 29 years now.

Immediately I got online, notified my prayer support team from all over the country via phone calls and facebook. I had 28 responses in the first 5 minutes!  (To see the whole thing as it continues to unfold keep watch on my facebook page.) Through tears and prayers, prayers and tears I breathed and cried. Finally I called my husband. “Oh Babe!” was his reaction. I knew nothing before I saw another doctor. For 5 hours that morning I went through all 5 stages of grief!  But after those 5 hours I found I was in a much more centered place. I have been Spiritually preparing for the last 29 years for this. I was open to what lay before me. Truly embraced by the people who love me I found a place of peace.

Jennifer loves my music so she leaves it on repeat all day long! It gave me such comfort hearing my sister and I sing together about faith, love and God in such beautiful harmony. She was in Mexico this week with her family celebrating Ryan’s senior Spring break. I did not want anything to taint their vacation together. Luckily communication was just not possible. Thank You God!

I finally found an obgyn in Pensacola, my next stop, thanks to Twanna, the admin assistant at Unity there. “let it be digestive!” became my mantra. It was a long weekend. I had the glorious opportunity to spend 4 days and nights by myself. Meditation, a hot soaky bath whenever I wanted one, music and dancing and facebook. April 1st was my church service. As I sang my sister’s inspired song “Holy Spirit” it took everything I had not to lose it completely. “Holy Spirit be my guide. Of myself I can do nothing…” My tears streamed down my face in front of the whole congregation. I explained as I began my talk that I may be facing something that most would consider rather scary. Then I shared the 3 tools I use to bring me peace in any situation. Willingness- I am willing to do what needs to be done by me to reach the next level of my Spirituality. Gratitude- Show me sweet Spirit how to be grateful in the midst of THIS!  and lastly, Forgiveness- Who can I forgive today, in order to heal? My own words sang through my whole body. They resonated perfectly with the adventure ahead.

Monday morning Dr Medlock confirmed it all. I breathed, “I get to heal from ovarian cancer.” Again I took it to facebook. I get to change the way cancer looks and feels. In my meditation I asked God to “Show my a different way to see this”, from the Course in Miracles. I was told to have fun with this. How in the heavens does one have fun with cancer?? First I changed the spelling. The very letters in the word c-a-n-c-e-r hold a cold, negative vibration. What rhymes with cancer….Answer! Cool! Spelled now little c-ANSWER, cANSWER felt different immediately! Whenever I type it I have to stop and think about it. It feels promising-that this adventure is an answer to a deep longing question.

That evening I presented my Body by GOD workshop in which I talk about my weight loss using forgiveness and self love. I wonder now if the excess I was carrying released because of my inner and outer work or if I lost weight because of the cAnswer. I decided that the messages were strong enough either way, that it didn’t really matter. I had reached a level of self love that is tangible. Love that will now help heal my body. Losing weight may or may not have anything at all to do with it! A gal in the workshop, Hennie gave me yet another way to talk about cAnswer. “I CAN-CER-tainly heal from this!  Is that not awesome!!?   Then she gifted me a book by Denise DeSimone called “From Stage IV to Center Stage.” It is all about her healing from head and neck cAnswer employing the medical route and everything Spiritual she knew as well as social media! Calling upon her support team for prayers and assistance! It was everything I was already doing in a book! I had my mom and dad get it. Dad downloaded it onto his kindle and called me, “My God! This is your story!”

I am a slow reader. I bless my dyslexia. I read a chapter at a time and put the book away and meditate. Each “ah ha” each insight I write down, share on facebook and breathe in. When I read the next chapter, Denise exemplifies the very feelings I had just expressed! I recommend the book highly! I emailed Denise and we have a relationship building!

In the meantime, along with my prayer work and yoga, I changed my diet totally on the first day of the “scare.” I learned that cAnswer feeds on sugar. No carbs at all. I learned that cAnswer cannot live in an alkaline body. I am juicing, drinking baking soda, molasses and water (yuck) and taking the supplemental “cAnswer killer” graviola that Dr Hendricks prescribed. The Isagenix protein plus shakes twice a day provide all the nutrition I need. No more coffee! Talk about big life changes!! Another idea came to me to share an image of happy healthy cells devouring the unhealthy ones. I saw them as little light filled fishies!

Wednesday I got to talk to Kristen, my best friend, my prayer partner, my sister. We were both so grateful that she did not visit facebook prior to her return and that she got to hear it from me. We had a great cry together before we talked of the practicalities. Since I’m in Florida, since I have no insurance since my husband was laid off 2 years ago, I learned that Shands Hospital, a teaching hospital cannot turn people away. There is a branch in Jacksonville. I have a large support system there. That is where I am going on Monday to humble myself before the Lord and manifest free healthcare.

After Pensacola I decided to come back to Ft Walton where my newest “family” is. The family who helped me through the initial shock of it all. I have been writing, resting, healing, doing all I can on this end to heal. My ph levels are the prettiest color blue!  HI! Alkaline!! I learned the big Ah ha yesterday: I have been touring, doing what I’ve done for 12 and a half years now. I reach only the people who show up where I am. I have known for a long time that my work was so much bigger and more vast than I am able to express this way. I would not slow down to change. How could I? I loved touring! But even that love was holding me back. I get to STOP completely. Heal and see what magic God has to offer me next! I get to reassess how I do everything. I get to NOT work so hard all by myself! I am truly grateful for the rest! I get to ask for help from every source…a new learning for me.  Remember big-by-self??  Well now it’s Big-by EVERYBODY!!  I am truly grateful for all of the continued prayers I receive everyday! I am grateful for my understanding. This is where the rubber meets the road! This may be what I have been preparing myself for these last 29 years!

That is where things stand right now. Today, after the Easter service I’ll meet my dad in Jax at my favoritist friend’s house. Cheryl is a great friend and support and the best massage therapist on the planet.  I’ll keep you posted! God Bless!

This is worth reposting!

Lauren Lane Powell

Grandmama’s Waltz Click to hear SONG

ImageMy beautiful, wonderful Grandmama made her transition 15 years ago today.

She was 87. I am so grateful to have been so close to her. Therein lies the story, her story, our story.

As a fine artist and art teacher she raised my dad as a single parent long before it was “popular.” She had a hard life and wore it on her sleeve. I grew up knowing her to be very judgmental, unforgiving and hyper critical. As much as she loved life and appreciated the beauty of everything around her, she seemed to dislike people in general. When she did hug me, it was cold and prickly. She didn’t understand me at all as I grew into a young woman and held a grudge as if it were a trophy.

All of that changed when I moved to Sarasota, Florida at 20 years…

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When I watch the news and it disturbs me, when I hear of atrocities or read of the history of killing each other “in the name of GOD,” whenever I feel less than peaceful I may be contributing to the ills of the world just by my own negative energy! But how can I NOT winch at someone else’s pain? How can I NOT feel the pain of a dying child? How can my heart NOT break when I feel for someone else’s suffering?

What I have learned is this:
It is only through suffering that we grow-individually, as a nation, as a planet.
It is only through chaos that we create.
It is only by shining the light that we dissolve the darkness.
It is only by dying that we find our true life.

When I learned that everything that happens to us is actually happening for us the pain I experience makes a little bit more sense.
When I learned that nothing can happen to/for me without my permission I began to see the perfection in everything.

The ancient Hawaiian philosophy called Ho’oponopono states:
I am 100% responsible for everything in my world-real or imagined.
I am 100% responsible for every thought, every belief, every cause and effect.
IF I am 100% responsible for everything in my world, then at some level I am responsible for my fellow human. The prayer then that follows is:

I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you, Thank you.

Now that may feel a bit heavy, taking on the whole world- but the way I understand this is-
When I feel bad I contribute to the negative energy that I wish to see healed.
“I’m sorry” means “I’m sorry this is happening to/for you!”
“Forgive me” means “Please forgive me for any part I played in this life or past that may have contributed to this suffering.”
“I love you” raises the vibration up and holds me and those I pray for in highest Holy light.
“Thank you” is the highest form of prayer and releases it all to God!

At the very least this prayer makes me feel more peaceful and alive. At the very most it may move me to action! In this prayerful state I may hear what is mine to do! In this prayerful state I may hear what is NOT mine to do!

Through the use of these 4 sentences, life around and within me shifts and changes. Understanding at the cellular level replaces fear and anger. Awareness deepens and expands. Love grows into a tangible force for healing! And so it is!

Grandmama’s Waltz Click to hear SONG

ImageMy beautiful, wonderful Grandmama made her transition 15 years ago today.

She was 87. I am so grateful to have been so close to her. Therein lies the story, her story, our story.

As a fine artist and art teacher she raised my dad as a single parent long before it was “popular.” She had a hard life and wore it on her sleeve. I grew up knowing her to be very judgmental, unforgiving and hyper critical. As much as she loved life and appreciated the beauty of everything around her, she seemed to dislike people in general. When she did hug me, it was cold and prickly. She didn’t understand me at all as I grew into a young woman and held a grudge as if it were a trophy.

All of that changed when I moved to Sarasota, Florida at 20 years old. She was my ONLY grandparent and I wanted a relationship with her. A GOOD relationship. I decided consciously that I was going to “make that bitch love me!” She lived in Clearwater, an hour away from Sarasota. So every other weekend I visited her and basically pushed my way into her heart. I loved her into softness. I shared “hug therapy” with her. within the year she did soften. She did open! She learned how to hug without pushing me away at the same time! In fact, before I moved back up north 2 years later, she had made me 2 sets of stained glass hugging bears from the little book called “Hug Therapy.” I treasure then today!

In 1994 she was ready to come up north to be with family. She knew she was slipping and was willing to be cared for. God Bless her! I flew down to drive her and her belongings to Indiana. We left on her 85th birthday. The timing of taking her away from the home she’d known for the last 30 years on her birthday really sucked! The trip north was an adventure to blog later. But for the next 2 years we were both in South Bend so I got to see her often! I video taped some of her stories. We grew even closer.

The last week of February I was on my way to Florida on tour. The day before I left she had fallen again. She was put into the hospital a block away from my home. I went to see her for the last time on this earth plane…I knew.  I rubbed her feet. I brushed her hair. I told her goodbye. Later that day the doctors discovered an inoperable brain tumor. That’s why she was falling. That’s why she was fully cognizant one minute and out of it the next. She knew she was in and out and it pissed her off! She always had her wits about her…until now. She would have to go into a home and move out of independent living and she NEVER wanted to do that.

I drove to Florida, stayed at her old condo and all of that week, long distance, I gave her permission to go to God. “it’s ok Grandmama. You can let go. I’ll miss you but I’ll be ok. It’s your choice. I love you so much.” All week long. On March 1st I got the call. “Thank you GOD!” was my first response.

That night she come to me in my dreams and thanked me for her room! I didn’t understand. She said “Just look at this place!” Out of the mists formed this palatial estate! “Why thank me?” I asked.

“You taught me how to love! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you! You changed my Karma!” WOW!

Just by loving her…WOW! So today I celebrate her life here on earth AND her life on the otherside. The veil is so thin that we are still close. She is with me everyday.

In Florida, she had a calamondin tree behind her condo. She made marmalade out of that sour stuff that not many enjoyed like I did. Last night a gal brought me a bag of calamondins and some jams she had made along with a sprig of flowers from her tree. OMG! Grandmama IS here! I will enjoy the fruit for at least a week and the marmalade all year. Grandmama you rock! Even from the other side she still loves me! I am so blessed!

Loving My Life on the Road

This is the article I published in an e-magazine put out for musicians and ministers of Unity Church Worldwide. I thought it was also appropriate for my blog. Enjoy!

I feel very honored to have been asked to write about my life on the road for the first re-issue of Sound Connections.  I’ve been touring full time for 12 and a half years. I am home for a week at a time every month.  When I tell people that they gasp! “How can you be away from home for that long?” I reply that I get a week off every month. How many people get to say that? It a matter of perspective! Isn’t everything?

Driving by myself affords me ample opportunities for self-reflection. I rarely listen to my books on tape or my Sirius radio because I have so much fun redefining who I am, what I do and how I do it.  I sing, meditate (with eyes open!) tone for my body when muscles start to ache and I take a break every single hour without fail to stretch and do some yoga for my self-care. I breathe deeply and stay relaxed at all times. In traffic I blow bubbles out the window! I get quite a few reactions from passers by!  One gal pulled along side and asked, “What are you doing?” Without thinking I declared, “I am changing the way traffic jams feel!”  She said’ “You know, you really are!” Another time I was told, “You’re having fun and we get to enjoy it!” He got it!!

I have learned patience and flexibility on the road. I never know how an event will flow, how much money I will make, where I will be staying or whom I’ll meet. Most often the host or hostess of my workshops will find me a room of my own in someone’s home. I make life-long friends everywhere I go. I am told I am a great guest because I need for nothing. I have my protein shake in the morning. Lunch is often at a café where I can get online and do some work. Dinner is often a granola bar, a hand full of almonds and cranberries. If my hostess doesn’t have a coffee maker I have my French press in the van at the ready. I am very self-sufficient.

Never knowing what will happen when, has also taught me to trust. I trust in the process. I trust in God and I trust myself more and more everyday!  “Just trust.” becomes my mantra. IF money does not flow in from one source, I know it will flow from another. It always does…if I trust. I wouldn’t be honest though if I didn’t confess that at times, when money is not flowing in that trusting becomes difficult. When I am in that place, when I can’t sing to feel better, when I can’t meditate to bring myself to a higher vibration, when prayers don’t seem to work and I still feel contracted, That is when I go within and ask- “Who Can I forgive right now to bring my abundance to me?” When my body is less than perfect and yoga, a biweekly massage and walking doesn’t help, I go within and ask- “Who Can I forgive right now to feel better?’ When any part of my life feels the least bit tense or stressed and I ask that question, I always get an answer! Then the work begins! Now I give workshops called “The Vibrations of Forgiveness.”

Using the power of the breath and the voice for my inner work creates miracles every single time! I am more open. Blocks have been removed and the flow increases right before my very eyes! My newest workshop incorporates this process about and around the Body Temple because in order to be of service to God and human kind, I require a healthy body! BIG forgiveness issues come up often to remind me that I didn’t always love my body. In fact, in my 20s I pretty badly abused it! Forgiving myself and my body has shifted everything and on my 50th birthday I reached and now maintain a healthy 118 pounds!! My new “Body by GOD” workshop was born and is more popular than ever!

All of this came about because I learned how to love all of my life-or it wouldn’t work at all! Believing that all I wanted to do is sing, I thought teaching was something I was falling back on. But learning to love teaching, saying out loud through gritted teeth “ I love my students” changed everything. I am an awesome teacher! I can teach anyone to sing on key in an hour but when I hated teaching it just didn’t work!  I learned how to love the driving across the country, on purpose. Now I really do! I learned how to love marketing myself and guess what!? Not only am I good at it, I teach that now too! “Honoring Your Inner Entrepreneur” has participants thinking and feeling way outside the box, with the right brain to allow Spirit’s guidance in our very business! A 7-8 hour class goes by so quickly because we have so much fun recreating ourselves together with God fully in charge!

My main workshops, the “Harmonies of Healing” and the “Toning Circle” are still my mainstays. These remind people how to use their own voice as an instrument of peace and healing by deepening the breath and singing, speaking and toning authentically and naturally. Stress is released; pain is reduced; peace and harmony is restored.  Of course I still do concerts. I love to sing and I love my own music! I am a prolific composer. The workshops allow me to do all of that and more!

While I am quickly branching out into healing art centers, hospitals, hospice, conferences and seminars and while I am now working with church boards, Reike practitioners and other healers, my first love is still with Unity. Unity is my family and I love being a part of its ever-changing evolution and growth. Typically I do the whole Sunday service-Message/meditation/music. My talk title for 2012 is “The Dynamic Energies of FAITH!”

I speak of embodying what we know by being the peace we want to see in the world as Ghandi taught.  I speak of smiling on purpose all of the time at everyone I make eye contact with.  If I am not shining my light though this face of mine constantly, I miss the opportunity to tithe to the world. If I am negative in thought, word or deed I am not in alignment with Truth. If I am not in a state of constant prayer and meditation I am not in the flow of the now moment.

By design  I LOVE my life so much tears of joy often erupt when I think of how blessed I am. I cry those tears often! Let them flow!!!

Please visit my evolving website. http://www.harmoniesofhealing.com

My facebook is Lauren Lane Powell and my pages are “Harmonies of Healing” and “Holy Shift!”

I am now blogging when time is created


and twittering a little bit! https://twitter.com/#!/HarmoniesHeal

My original music is on CDs. My workshops are on DVDs and CDs. My Sunday services are available on CD upon request. My sheet music can be found on http://www.heartwindmusic.com

I’ll soon be doing webinars and podcasts and my e-book, audio-book and video-book should be finished this year! I have many pieces on youtube.


takes you to my theme song.


take you to my video trailer introduction of my passion for the voice!


Introduces “toning” with the voice and the singing bowls as means by which to heal body mind and Spirit.

Other videos both my own and my sister Kristen’s can be found on my dad’s youtube channel: lpowell201

PS Part of my passion is helping others do what I do-Loving my life, living my dreams and laughing all the way to the bank! I am more than willing to talk with, email or otherwise communicate my systems of marketing and self-promotion. Is your life truly blissful? It can be! Let me show you how!! Donations graciously received!

singforyoursoul@aol.com   727-798-3569

OK Gotta Share! I have many packages to send promised to people weeks ago. Finally got it done at a PO in Jupiter. I was blessed to be a trainee’s 3rd customer! I felt her anguish, confusion and impatience with herself.  Her trainer was loving and very supportive. I reminded the trainee that in 30 days this will all be behind her she will feel so much easier about her new job. I guess she was my age or older…second, third career-can be scary.  I reminded her to breathe and I began to send her love and peace. I breathed for her. It took quite a long time as I sent a package to Australia along with other stuff. All brand new info to the trainee. I felt my energetic arms wrap her up in a warm hug. 

 I felt the long line behind me-impatient for the most part. I sent them love and peace. When our transactions were complete I gave her and her trainer a card that says “Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. Who you are is important. What you do Matters.” Tears welled up in the trainees eyes as she said “thank you so much! I really needed this!” I reminded her that THAT is who she is-always, special, worthy and important.  I did many wonderful things yesterday but that hour long connection felt like the most important!

 How does God show up in your life?

I posted this on facebook and sent a copy to my customer in Australia. This is her synchronistic reply!

 Hi Lauren,  The purple goddess dress arrived today.  Thank you.

 Thank you also for your story.  Interestingly it took about 20 minutes for me to receive the dress, as an Australia Post trainee, I would say a woman in her 40’s was processing it.  As it had been electronically tracked the whole way she had to electronically log it out to me. ..and she didn’t know how…. And was being taught … and there was a queue. The lady I was dealing with got it sorted eventually.  I thought of you as I sent her white light.

 I’ve tried the dress on and will wear it out to dinner tonight with knowledge of the grace that has brought it to me.

How does God-ess show up in my life?

Every day as I look out of the window I feel blessed.  Every meal when I thank the Goddess for the woman who shares my life.  Every moment when I feel my extraordinary luck in being alive in this time and place, and all the wonderful “coincidences” that occur day after day.

Thank you for persisting, and for being the type of woman who is a able to provide this beautiful garment across the world.

Sincerely  Carol

God Bless you all and keeping look for how God/Goddess shows up in your life!


2012 Looks Exciting and Promising
Here are the first few months in Florida. 
There is still space for more! 
How best can I serve?
For full descriptions of workshops and supporting products, visit http://www.harmoniesofhealing.com

Saturday January 7th 10:00am-5:00pm

Honoring Your Inner Entrepreneur

or Marketing Your Metaphysical Self!

only $85.00          Meal Break will be provided


presented by Unity North Tampa

13540 North Florida Ave, Suite 107

Tampa, FL. US. 33613     813.962.4361

Sunday Jan 8th 1:30-4:00

Harmonies of Healing

Monday, Jan 9th 7:00-9:30pm

Body by GOD!

Wed, Jan 10th 7:00-9:30pm

Toning Circle

presented by Unity North Tampa

13540 North Florida Ave, Suite 107

Tampa, FL. US. 33613     813.962.4361


Each of the 3 workshops offered for a suggested

$25.00 love offering




Sunday Jan 15th 1:30-4:00

Harmonies of Healing

Monday, Jan 16th 7:00-9:30pm

Body by GOD!

Fri, Jan 20th 7:00-9:30pm

Toning Circle


presented by Unity in the Gardens

550 Bush Road   Jupiter, FL     561-741-6515

Each of the 3 workshops offered for a suggested  

$25.00 love offering NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY!



Sunday January 22nd 1:00pm-8:00pm

Honoring Your Inner Entrepreneur

or Marketing Your Metaphysical Self!

only $85.00          Meal Break will be provided


Advanced Registration-save $10.00!

$75.00 via paypal to singforyoursoul@aol.com

OR preregister at Yoga Key West


Located in the Key West Tropical Forest

& Botanical Garden

5210 College Road, Key West, Fl 305-304-5635

http://www.yogakeywest.org        www.kwbgs.org


Sunday Jan 23rd 7:30-9:30

Harmonies of Healing

Tuesday, Jan 24th 7:00-9:30pm

Toning Circle


at Yoga Key West

Located in the Key West Tropical Forest

& Botanical Garden

5210 College Road, Key West, Fl 305-304-5635



Each of the 2 workshops offered for $25.00


Saturday January 28th 7:00

MEET & GREET at My Energy Place

2050 E Oakland Park Blvd. #205

Ft. Lauderdale, FL   954-306-8251

Offering FREE Vibrational Harmony Sessions!


Sunday January 29th 10:00am-5:00pm

repeated on

Monday January 30th 10:00-5:00pm

Honoring Your Inner Entrepreneur

or Marketing Your Metaphysical Self

only $85.00

If you come on Sunday REPEAT Monday for FREE!!

Meal Break will be provided.


Tuesday, Jan 31st 6:00-8:30pm

Toning Circle

Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday

at My Energy Place

2050 E Oakland Park Blvd. #205

Ft. Lauderdale, FL   954-306-8251



Friday, Feb 3rd 7:00-9:00pm

Vibrational Meditation

at Rising Tide International

5102 Swift Rd, Sarasota, Fl  941-923-7834


Saturday, Feb 10 all day!

Coptic Conference

I will be offering the music and healing with

the singing bowls and the VOICE!!

location TBA
IN or NEAR Sarasota

The week of Feb 11th open and available!!

ANYWHERE in Florida

The week of Feb 18th open and available!!

Puerto Rico pending!!


Sunday Feb 26th

Harmonies of Healing

Monday, Feb 27th 7:00-9:30pm

Body by GOD!

Tuesday, Feb 28th 7:00-9:30pm

Toning Circle

presented by Unity of Gainesville

8801 NW 39th Ave

Gainesville, FL 352-373-1030


Each workshop is offered for a

suggested  $25.00 love offering



Sunday March 4th

Harmonies of Healing

Monday, Mar 5th 7:00-9:30pm

Body by GOD!

Tuesday, Mar 6th 7:00-9:30pm

Toning Circle

presented by Unity of Palm Harbor

1960 Tampa Road

Palm Harbor, FL 727-784-7911


Each workshop is offered for a

suggested  $25.00 love offering



Sunday Mar 11th

Harmonies of Healing

Monday, Mar 12th 7:00-9:30pm

Body by GOD!

Tuesday, Mar 13th 7:00-9:30pm

Toning Circle

presented by Unity of Merritt Island

4725 North Courtenay Pkwy

Merritt Island, FL  321-452-2625


So much more to come!!

I can hardly wait to start the New Year! 2011 was an awesome year of change, release and renewal! Still touring the country. Still doing the work, but things have shifted. I feel much more secure about my business because I’m working smarter, not harder. I learned how to work with my $$ differently and will soon be completely out of debt!  I learned how to work with my body differently and dropped over 25 pounds! Consequently 2 new workshops were born this year!

My willingness to change allowed “Honoring Your Inner Entrepreneur” to evolve into a full day, action-packed seminar! Imagine marketing from the right side of the brain…all good business tips of course, but imagine going within during meditation and Divining with Spirit a business plan, logo, brochures etc. This is NOT the corporate model, in-the-box way of doing things! This is creating a whole new box then breaking out of THAT!

The new Body by GOD workshop was born this very month as I offered the very first workshop to a full house in Charleston, SC on the 8th! This 2 and a 1/2 hour event was born after my 50th birthday and my excess weight release. After diet and exercise did little to nothing, loving my body as it is (or was) became the catalyst for success. Forgiveness, meditation, willingness and falling in love with the process were all necessary to be the Body by GOD! I love this workshop!

So without recapping the whole year allow me to share my December with you! One of my favorite things to do before Christmas is to go into a New Thought church on a Saturday and offer a “Choir Inspired” workshop. Together we create a choir from scratch, learn 3 songs (two are originals!) and perform the following evening as part of a holiday concert! WOW! Can you imagine! Unity Charleston was such an event. 9 people performed, some for the very first time in public, as a choir for their big Christmas event on Dec 9th. They were awesome! I was so proud! They were amazed and very pleased themselves! No one had a clue how much fun it be with an audience…no one knew but me!

Riding that vibration I packed up and left Charleston at 11:00pm to get closer to Gainesville, Ga. At 10:00 the next morning I let the minister, Sydney, know that I was on my way and would be there by noon. “NOON? We have people here waiting for you! We thought the Choiring started at 9:30!” Well I can assure you THIS never happened before. They evidently never received the email with the schedule change! Mercury in retrograde still?? But there is ALWAYS perfection in the imperfect. Sydney then told me that when she arrived that early morning the church was flooded and water was still flowing!  They had work to do and would not have been able to work with me anyway until afternoon!  As I finally got there water was being sucked up, nerves were starting to calm and lunch was being served. From 1:00-4:00 I gave a 6 hour workshop…expanding time all the way! It worked! The choir was awesome the following night. The audience has rave reviews and we had fun!

That Monday evening, thanks to Rand Fischer, I worked with a large choir at Unity North in Atlanta. Using the voice for healing was new to some of them! I finished my December at the Tree of Like in Lady Lakes in Florida offering a Heal the Healers weekend and Christmas concert.  This was the best December yet!

I flew home to Bloomington via Indy on the 22nd and will fly back to Tampa on Jan 5th. What a year!

2011 was also a year of loss in that 3 of our beloved cats passed. Our house feels so empty without Sunshine who vanished in October and Sterling and Nicholas who passed in May. I got to learn even more about the grieving process and how to grieve on purpose!

Getting ready for the new year. Hmmm, what will I accomplish in 2012? I would love to do podcasts and webinars so I could reach more people. I will learn how to skype. I will make even better use of social media. I will finish writing and publish at least one book! I will become a more regular blogger. I will laugh even more hardily, love even more deeply, play even more often and reach even higher heights!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Re-parenting: A process I learned from my sister Lauren Lane Powell. We co-wrote the song. Visualize someone who pushes your buttons as an infant whom you can truly love. Find the feeling place of love. Generate love in your heart center and see it extending from there to engulf that infant.  Radiate love and joy and promise and hope.  See that infant receiving everything it needs and deserves as an innocent child of God. Imagine that infant growing into the kind of being that serves only the greatest and highest good. Sing “I get to love to peace, I get to love you to joy, I get to love you to do the right thing, I get to love to make the right choice. The energy of peace, the energy of joy, the power to decide has always been our choice, and I don’t have to know just how, maybe it’s not for me to know, I surrender it to God and then I let it go. I get to love to peace, I get to love you to joy, I get to love you to do the right thing, I get to love to make the right choice.” Know that the essence of every living being is God. The energy of Love is far stronger than that of fear or anger. Positive change occurs when we infuse our thoughts with the power of Love. Ask for help in seeing this person or situation differently. Your little willingness to see things differently allows the Holy Spirit to work on your behalf in ways unseen. Trust that all is well. 

written by Kristen Hartnagel http://www.kristenhartnagel.com


Wedding Anniversary

14 years

14 years of wedded Bliss!

Tomorrow is our 14th Wedding Anniversary. In April I blogged about our engagement.  October 11th we married at Unity Church of Peace in South Bend Indiana. Rev Annie Tremble was our minister.  My mom sang. My sister sang. I sang. We all sang!

Bryan Edington opened on the guitar with mom singing lead on The Rose as my sister and my stepson walked down. She joined mom in harmony for the second verse.

The third verse, that beautiful high harmony that bring it home was sung by me! Microphone hidden in my flowers, on my daddy’s arm floating down the aisle “When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long…”

Mary Ann my stepmom read a Cheyenne prayer, Dada read from the Profit, Kristen sang Bread’s “If.” Mom sang a song I wrote “To Love Someone.” Her question months before was “How can I sing that in public? I cry every time!” She came every week to my voice studio and we worked until she was almost sick of the song and she did it that day very well!

When planning the recessional I reminded Phil that as an frequent wedding singer myself I often sang “When I’m 64” by the Beatles. My husband quoted the first line “When I get older. losing my hair…” Honey, that’s a sick joke!

“Ok then, how about “Zip-a-dee Do Da?” I asked. Phil replied “Only if we use Kazoos!”

The pianist gave us a flowing overture and all of us on stage took Kazoos out and played them all the way out of the sanctuary! The response we got more of was “That was so much fun we want to see it again!”  Thus began our live together as husband and wife. We had lived together for 6 years already. the wedding just seemed to deepen our relationship.

I married my best friend. We are polite to one another. I believe we truly respect one another. I love this man more now than even last week! It grows as we do. God Bless a Great relationship! Thank you my husband for being who you are. I love you. Happy Anniversary!