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I can hardly wait to start the New Year! 2011 was an awesome year of change, release and renewal! Still touring the country. Still doing the work, but things have shifted. I feel much more secure about my business because I’m working smarter, not harder. I learned how to work with my $$ differently and will soon be completely out of debt!  I learned how to work with my body differently and dropped over 25 pounds! Consequently 2 new workshops were born this year!

My willingness to change allowed “Honoring Your Inner Entrepreneur” to evolve into a full day, action-packed seminar! Imagine marketing from the right side of the brain…all good business tips of course, but imagine going within during meditation and Divining with Spirit a business plan, logo, brochures etc. This is NOT the corporate model, in-the-box way of doing things! This is creating a whole new box then breaking out of THAT!

The new Body by GOD workshop was born this very month as I offered the very first workshop to a full house in Charleston, SC on the 8th! This 2 and a 1/2 hour event was born after my 50th birthday and my excess weight release. After diet and exercise did little to nothing, loving my body as it is (or was) became the catalyst for success. Forgiveness, meditation, willingness and falling in love with the process were all necessary to be the Body by GOD! I love this workshop!

So without recapping the whole year allow me to share my December with you! One of my favorite things to do before Christmas is to go into a New Thought church on a Saturday and offer a “Choir Inspired” workshop. Together we create a choir from scratch, learn 3 songs (two are originals!) and perform the following evening as part of a holiday concert! WOW! Can you imagine! Unity Charleston was such an event. 9 people performed, some for the very first time in public, as a choir for their big Christmas event on Dec 9th. They were awesome! I was so proud! They were amazed and very pleased themselves! No one had a clue how much fun it be with an audience…no one knew but me!

Riding that vibration I packed up and left Charleston at 11:00pm to get closer to Gainesville, Ga. At 10:00 the next morning I let the minister, Sydney, know that I was on my way and would be there by noon. “NOON? We have people here waiting for you! We thought the Choiring started at 9:30!” Well I can assure you THIS never happened before. They evidently never received the email with the schedule change! Mercury in retrograde still?? But there is ALWAYS perfection in the imperfect. Sydney then told me that when she arrived that early morning the church was flooded and water was still flowing!  They had work to do and would not have been able to work with me anyway until afternoon!  As I finally got there water was being sucked up, nerves were starting to calm and lunch was being served. From 1:00-4:00 I gave a 6 hour workshop…expanding time all the way! It worked! The choir was awesome the following night. The audience has rave reviews and we had fun!

That Monday evening, thanks to Rand Fischer, I worked with a large choir at Unity North in Atlanta. Using the voice for healing was new to some of them! I finished my December at the Tree of Like in Lady Lakes in Florida offering a Heal the Healers weekend and Christmas concert.  This was the best December yet!

I flew home to Bloomington via Indy on the 22nd and will fly back to Tampa on Jan 5th. What a year!

2011 was also a year of loss in that 3 of our beloved cats passed. Our house feels so empty without Sunshine who vanished in October and Sterling and Nicholas who passed in May. I got to learn even more about the grieving process and how to grieve on purpose!

Getting ready for the new year. Hmmm, what will I accomplish in 2012? I would love to do podcasts and webinars so I could reach more people. I will learn how to skype. I will make even better use of social media. I will finish writing and publish at least one book! I will become a more regular blogger. I will laugh even more hardily, love even more deeply, play even more often and reach even higher heights!

Happy New Year Everyone!